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While we are always working on behalf of our members, we have a few special initiatives near and dear to our hearts. 

Buy Here

BuyHere.jpgWe make, sell and generate some great stuff here in Johnson County. Why not Buy Here? Buy Here is the Iowa City Area Business Partnership's local economic development initiative created to strengthen our local economy through increased business-to-business purchasing.

We’re pushing local - and the power of that money circulating in our community is huge! We urge you to take a few minutes to evaluate your organization’s spending and let us help you find ways to make a change to local products. Even just 5% makes a difference!

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Blue Zones

BlueZonesProjectLogo-Compv2.jpgBecoming a stronger, healthier community is important to us! The Business Partnership led a community-wide application process resulting in a Blue Zones Demonstration Site award, and resources to improve community wellness. Since 2013, the community has subtly changed menus in schools and restaurants, adjusted physical surroundings to foster physical movement, labeled grocery store products to highlight healthy items, and worked with businesses to create healthier environments overall.

Join the movement! Literally. Visit and take the pledge! Please contact us to learn more about how to become involved.

Iowa City’s Blue Zones initiative is based on Dan Buettner’s bestseller, The Blue Zones: Lessons for Living Longer from the People Who’ve Lived the Longest which highlights places where people live the longest, healthiest lives and the common threads that contribute to this quality of life.