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Verify at CertificateOfOrigin.com or at certificates.iccwbo.org Utilizes international template


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$50.00 per document $25.00 special member rate


Contact 319-337-9637 or info@iowacityarea.com 

What’s in it for YOU?

o All certification staff is accredited by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) World Chambers Federation

o AWTCC seal is recognized and accepted by customs worldwide
o Ensures you have taken all steps to comply with rules, regulations, and international industry best practices
o Helps you achieve objectives in terms of quality, cost, scheduling, performance
o Ensures your transactions are secure with security background on completed certificates and secure web-based application
o Reduces shipment delays due to incomplete documentation
o Online certification saves on couriers, travel, postage, parking fees o Engineered to prevent common errors with repetitive applications-perfect for high volume users
o Video tutorials, online help, certification help, phone and email support o System is SaaS (Software as a Service) model—only pay for services used
o All applications are stored online with audit trail, fully searchable database and attachments
o Downloadable, detailed management Excel/PDF Reports
o Verify certificate authenticity online at certificates.iccwbo.org

eCO-Online User Quick Guide Electronic Certificates of Origin Login at www.CertificateofOriginonline.com


LOG IN AND PASSWORD After you login to the system for the first time, we recommend you change your Password to one you will easily remember, which you can do at any time by clicking on the “My Account” link near the top of the page; at the bottom of the page, just click the “Change Password” link.


SETTING UP ADDITIONAL USERS (this feature available to the Primary System User [Superuser] at your company only). Additional users may be set up at your company. (The primary system user [Superuser], is the only person that can add additional users at your company – other users will NOT be able to add additional users). The Superuser simply clicks the My Account link near the top of the page; then clicks the “Manage Users” link to come to the page where new users are added. From this same page, the Superuser can disable user accounts (for example, if an employee leaves the company), edit user details, reset user passwords, etc.


APPLYING FOR CERTIFICATES OF ORIGIN When you login, the first page you will arrive at is Active Applications. > From here, you can apply for new documents, or save drafts of documents to work on later.


INVOICE DETAILS Please note that the Invoice Number and Invoice Amount are optional fields, if you would like to save those details for your own information.


ATTACHING DOCUMENTS (Additional fee will apply if attachments are certified) You can attach documents electronically to your Application utilizing the Attachment boxes provided. These documents should be the support information with details concerning the shipment and its origin. They will not be stamped unless the Certify button is chosen. If stamping is required, an additional document fee will apply. Although PDF is the preferred format, you can attach Word or Excel documents as well. Please make sure, prior to uploading any attachments, that they are properly formatted for printing.


CONSIGNORS, CONSIGNEES To complete the Consignor or Consignee box, you mustselect a name from the lookup. The first time you utilize the system, there will be no Consignors or Consigneesset up – simply click “Add New . . .” in the Consignor and Consignee lookup, and you can add new Consignors and Consignees(If you are exporting solely in your company’s name, you will only need one Consignor, but you can have additional Consignors if required,such as different company divisions/subsidiaries, etc. [or different clients, if you are a freight forwarder]. There is no limit to the number of Consignors and Consignees you can set up in the system).


TRANSPORT, COUNTRY OF ORIGIN, GOODS DESCRIPTION, QUANTITY Simply fill out the rest of the Application as you would any paper Application (note that there is a facility for you to store repetitive text for future use if desired). The goods description can be as long as required, the final certificate will automatically paginate.


SUBMIT APPLICATION TO CHAMBER Once you’ve completed the Application, review for accuracy, and then simply click the orange “Submit Application” button (or, you can save a “DRAFT”).


CHOOSE SELF SERVICE Choose Self Service if you wish to print your certificate at your own desk using a color printer, including a digitally imaged Chamber seal and signature printed on your certificate over a security background.


CHOOSE FULL SERVICE Choose Full Service if you wish to have the Chamber print your Certificate, hand stamp and/or emboss, manually sign, and return to you by courier at your expense. IF YOU NEED YOUR CERTIFICATE LEGALIZED BY AN EMBASSY, CHOOSE FULL SERVICE AND PROVIDE SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS IN THE COMMENTS / SPECIAL INSTRUCTION BOX. We will contact you regarding specific Embassy pricing prior to processing.


APPROVED APPLICATIONS When the Application is approved, you will receive an email from us advising you to log back in to the system and issue your Certificate of Origin. The approval email will provide complete instructions on printing your Certificate of Origin.


REJECTED APPLICATIONS In the event of an apparent problem with your Application, it will be rejected by the Chamber; however, you will receive an email with details of the reason the Application was rejected. You can log back in and see the rejected Application listed on the first page (Active Applications). There is no need to re-enter the entire Application; simple click the Edit link shown, and you can edit your Application as required and re-submit to the Chamber. You will not be charged until the application is approved.


ARCHIVE Please note that an Archive is kept of all your Applications; awaiting Chamber approval, drafts, issued Certificates etc. Simply click the Archive link near the top of the page to access all your Application history.

TIME SAVING HINT: You can search for previous Applications in the Archive, view the Application and click “Copy” to create a new Application that is a copy of the previous Application.


Thank you for choosing eCO-Online from Iowa City Area Business Partnership program with the American World Trade Chamber of Commerce. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time with questions.


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